Parts You Should Take Care For In BMW Engine

Why People Prefers BMW

The relationship of people with car is very personal because they love to travel in car. From a survey it is concluded that people mostly like to ride the sportier Sedan car because it looks good and it has the luxurious facility which powers the personal experience. Now a days you can find the sedan cars in every branded products of German car, then why people preferring the BMW car than others? Is it the attractive look and model that attracts the people towards it? Looking towards the customers demand and feedback, it is found that the BMW parts and its easy maintenance attract the customers to go for it. It has a brand and producing several models like BMW 3 series, 5 series, 7series, X3, X5 etc but in all these models the most common part is the engine that is the most important part which needs more maintenance, which is quite simple in case of BMW. The engine comprises of several parts that you need to take care about and need to change it in time for the longevity of your car. Those are

1- Air Filter
2- Oil FilterHow to maintain a car
3- Engine oil
4- Fuel filter
5- Spark plugs
6- Vanos
All the above 6 parts are the most important ones that you need to maintain properly in every time scale.

Air Filter

Air filter designed to increase the Horsepower and Acceleration of your vehicle. It lets your engine to get cool and clean wind that increases the efficiency and performance of engine. It prevents the car from high emission and clogging up of the engine. Dirty air filters cause a fuel mixture that might choke or damage the engine. So it is important to check the performance level of air filter in regular interval. The experienced mechanics and experts advise to change the air filter in every 12,400 miles or once in a year. This increases the life span of your engine and protects from dust and dirt.

Oil Filter

It is usually found in the engine block and is designed to protect the engine from the trapped and damaging particles in oil. It is essential to keep the oil filter clean for the engine to be lubricated. In oil filter the sand paper back rub part is present that filters the oil before reaching the engine. The dirt particles in the oil are less than 0.005 millimeter. The BMW oil filter holds those particles or residues and passes away the pure oil to engine. So you need to keep the oil filter clean to protect the engine to be hampered. The experts use to advise to change the oil filter with every change of the engine oil.

Engine oil

It is a vital component of the engine system that lubricates the moving parts of engine and ensures a long life span to the engine. According to the running time, the oil starts to degrade and becomes dirtier. To protect the engine and its support groups we need to change the engine oil. It stays in grade to grasp the severe loads of all the operating conditions. It provides rust, corrosion, oxidation protection and prolongs engine life. For the best performance of engine, better to change the engine oil in every 4660 miles that removes the dirty and other hazardous particles.

Fuel Filter

It is responsible for filtering all the nasty cruds of gasoline before it get into the expensive parts of vehicle. A clogged fuel filter creates difficulties to the engine to get all the fueling it needs. Fuel filter generally clog due to the deteriorating gas tank, bad fuel or other debris in the fuel system. A proper fuel filter clears many fuel related problems including stalling, surging, clod start issues etc. If a single part performs so many tasks, we have to maintain it properly. It is better to change the fuel filter with every 40,400 miles that increases the proper use of fuel as well as makes engine groups to get the fuel.

Spark Plugs

It helps to ignite the fuel or air mix to power the engine. Damaged spark plugs seriously affect the engine. It determines the optimal performance and reliable functioning of the engine. The electrodes in spark plugs should be cleaned to produce the powerful spark. The gap in spark plug and the combustion system bears the voltage required for ignition system. The manufacturers advise to change the spark plug in every 6210 miles to create proper heat from the electrodes otherwise it creates more heat and the vehicle becomes hot.


It has the ability to adjust the valve timing that improves the power dynamics and reduces the emission. It increases the fuel economy due to optimized valve timing angles and reduces the emissions. It adjusts the hydraulic power of kick and directs the flow of engine oil. The basic is the engine performs properly because this part performs the real task. For the best performance of Vanos, it is better to rebuild it in every 80800 miles.

From the above discussion it is concluded that for the best performance of engine we need to keep proper maintenance every part. Neglecting in any of the part may cause severe damage in the engine part.


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